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Starting Right

Michael T. Puskar constructs every project with a focus on the client.  Our goal is to deliver excellent value, high quality and great service to each of our clients.  We can effectively work through your architect or directly with you as part of a design/build project to deliver a great result.

A key component in any project is to manage construction costs effectively through the development of realistic project budgets. Michael T. Puskar works closely with the architect and the client to develop a detailed project budget to assist the client in making decisions on scope/costs.  Utilizing this important tool helps the client to understand how the dollars are being used and provides the information needed to value engineer the project.

The most successful projects begin with early collaboration between the Client, the Architect and the Contractor.  When Michael T. Puskar is involved at the project’s conceptual stage it offers an excellent opportunity to ensure that the design, construction methods, timing, material selections and special client requirements are all being factored into the development of the design/ scope/ price of your project.  This process will greatly assist in getting your project started on the right track.

Staying on Track

Michael T. Puskar assigns a highly qualified superintendent as the single point of contact (SPOC) for your project.  In addition, we have a client focused project management staff that provides project coordination services to ensure that your project is tracking to the budget and the project schedule.  Communications are an important aspect of our project management system and we strive to ensure the client is kept informed at all stages of the project.

Project Completion and Beyond

Once the project is completed, Michael T. Puskar provides a full service warranty program for one year.  We take care of all issues that may arise related to our project scope (materials and workmanship).  Our goal is to minimize/ eliminate any need for a warranty call – but they do occur, and we will address the warranty issue to your satisfaction.